Monday, January 25, 2010

Mindflayer - Expedition to the Hairier Peaks (2005)

Imagine Black Pus (literally) and Mayyors hooking up and creating some sort of freak out proto-noise, kraut influenced, drone-punk outfit. That's this in an over exaggerated nutshell. I found it a couple of years ago and I always end up going back to it. Its pounding and unending brutal rhythms rip yr head open from ear to ear, while somehow forging this sort of surreal and ethereal wave of numbness that I find calming. It's strange really. It just bangs and bangs and bangs in your head and you space out. I fucking love it! I'm getting far to wordy with this so I'll just say grab it if yr into things that are loud, things that are fast, things that drone on, or things that just kick balls. Dig it?

DIG IT! PT1 / Pt2

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- DD

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