Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy Cobras - Make Pyramids (2008) (Cass.)

Leading up to OBEY IV this year one of the things I was most excited about was getting to see Holy Cobras. Hailing from Ottawa (and quite possiby the best thing to ever emerge), their breed of revved up garage rock motor-psycho stomp is wild and free. Reverberated barks crack out over seedy guitars that twang through muddy rock and roll, the likes of which Wavves and countless other revivalists have not heard nor thought. If Link Wray were a Cramp, or a Misfit, he just might sound this badass. They are indeed a band to be watched. If they stick it out they'll be huge (I should only hope, they may be too good for the masses to understand). The best part is they don't seem to take it too seriously, as represented by their hilarious "I don't give a fuck, ill kick in your skull" attitude. Rip into this fantastic rock and roll spasm and hope that something this good pops up in your shitty little town!

"Knife fight, ALRIIIIIGHT!"