Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joe McPhee - Sound On Sound: Solo 1968-1973 (2010)

Joe McPhee
Sound On Sound: Solo 1968-1973 (2010, Corbett vs. Dempsey)

"Among my favourite horn players of all time, Joe McPhee has an indescribable ability to excrete what sounds like all of life's sorrows through his music. There are few other players that capture such an emotive style and surrender themselves so willingly and wholeheartedly to their instrument. Cosmic Love showcases this perfectly, and is quite possibly the greatest song ever recorded. This album is pure heaven so please enjoy!" - DD


paul w. said...

hi dead dog, many thanks for this post of early recordings of joe mcpheee playing solo. i love recent mphee records so it will be interesting to listen to his early works too. thanks also for the professional scans. it would be nice to see more free jazz stuff on your blog - peter brotzmann, sun ra, more of joe mcphee...

best regards.

paul w.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Superb album. Link is dead. I'd be very glad If you could repost It.
Congrats for your work!

Dead Dog said...

link has been updated!