Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dizzy K - Excuse Me Baby (1982) (LP)
Dizzy K
Excuse Me Baby (LP) (1982, EMI)

"I've been wanting to post Dizzy K for years now and for whatever reason have never got around to it. I've also been trying to get my own copy of any of his records for years, but they're hard to come by and usually fairly pricey. Melding disco and funk with afrobeat, a touch of soul and sometimes even a bit of hip-hop, Dizzy K brings the party every time. This is a vinyl rip complete with a few blips and skips but overall it sounds delicious! So get up and shake yr filthy jiggle bits you ugly groove thangs, and chew on this phat, phat beat!" - DD


BabyHugZ said...

Link is blocked or dead. Might want to go zippyshare it because mediafire is cracking down on everything.

Dead Dog said...

link is still good, must be something on yr end. sorry!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, Mediafire may suck & have friendly terms with DMCA'ers but it's still of some good use, it got it's strong points (DL speed, instant use, light Adds...), Zippyshare is great too on the same terms but its links doesn't live long, on the other hand ; some mediafire links i encounter sometimes on some dead blogs, posted around 2007 and still workin' No re-Up no nothing.. (would u believe it ?! x)) Other than that, if i can suggest one i'd say "" might be better than these two accordin' to my humble experience.
Oh i'm sorry i just intended to Thank you for this beautiful Post, before i got distracted by the "Host" subject. x) so Thank you very much, this is way more enjoyable than some new *****
Thank you very much, & i'm glad to see a good old blog back to life, Keep it up please.
a blogspot surfer say: F*ck tweets & FB's mentality, May the Force be with you x)