Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Laura Nyro and Labelle - Gonna Take a Miracle (1971)
Laura Nyro and Labelle
Gonna Take a Miracle (1971, Columbia)

"I'm sorry for the extended absence folks, it happens sometimes. But I'm back with a delicious little nug just in time to close out the summer. The impeccable Laura Nyro backed by the super soul bliss of Labelle! This is a reissue with a few solo live tracks tagged on for good measure, and a highly infectious listen. Tune in and boogie sweet babies, this one's a beaut!" - DD


Riz said...

Thanks DD… we've missed you. x

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and well, DD.

Lizard Johnny Jewel said...

Welcome back! And you come bearing a corker of a gift, too :)

Stan says... said...

An unlikely pairing but very enjoyable listening.