Friday, June 8, 2018

Ralph Gordon - Inside Your Love (2009)
Ralph Gordon
Inside Your Love (2009, Ralph Gordon Entertainment)

"Hazed out dreams of smooth jazz machines, it's time to get faded homies! This one is super gleamed out, like some mystical visage of 80's-RnB-does-cool-jazz, twinkling off the waves of a restless lake on a warm sunny day. Think Sykes meets Collette maybe? Drum machines, keyboards, ambient tones, and lots of horns and flutes culminate in absolute harmony with the rambling mind. Stay breezy sweet babies, and dig that smooth, smooth ride." - DD


Anonymous said...

An excellent release; hard to believe it needed to be self-published. Should be re-released to a wider audience. Thanks for the upload. Please continue to update the blog!

Dead Dog said...

Yeah it's a shame more haven't heard it, really beautiful work