Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Plastic Cloud - The Plastic Cloud (1968)
The Plastic Cloud
The Plastic Cloud (1968, Allied)

"This little monster right here is quite simply one of the greatest psych records of all time, and Canadian to boot! Massively serene fuzz solos abound, wispy San-Fran vocal melodies, only the fattest, most grooved-out, chuggy bass jams and drum fills out the wazoo; truly a gem of the era. Dig deep into these marmalade skies sweet sweeties!" - DD

"And what would your father say to you... if he knew that you were sniffing glue?!"


el borbah said...

Link is dead, and because of your prose , I think I need this one ! ! ! lolol....just kidding , but it'd be boss if you re-up these merry Canadians.


Dead Dog said...

Hey there el borbah, the link is still up and working. Maybe try a different browser?