Monday, July 22, 2019

Vicky Chow / Tristan Perich - Surface Image (2014)
Vicky Chow / Tristan Perich
Surface Image (2014, New Amsterdam Records)

"What to say of Surface Image but that I enjoy it? I've not dug too deep into the well here re: technical narratives or lineage but for the past few years when it's been on I've sunk instantly into it's vivid landscape. It's simple and pretty and dark and intricately awkward and rich in philosophy, which is hilarious to read back, sure, but absolutely no less true in a particularly dense and present sort of way. A single minimalist/maximalist solo-piano and 40-­channel 1­-bit electronics piece of masterly trickonometry spanning just more than an hour. Give it a try if it sounds curious and hopefully enjoy it you dingle-berries and sadists, you. Lovely day ta-ta!" - DD


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog looking for Edgar Froese music. Amazing variety and great taste. Big thanks from southern Argentina.
Hope you and family are ok in crazy times

Dead Dog said...

Wow, thanks so much! Love to hear the love and I hope you and your family are holding up as well!! Maximum love from Canada!

Froese is the boss.