Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arjune Popo - Dance with Arjune Popo (1984) (LP)

Arjune Popo
Dance with Arjune Popo (LP) (1984, Private Press)

Firstly, thanks to the Old Junk or Treasure? blog for the original post.

"Like the title suggests, dance you will with Arjune Popo. Catchy and sincere disco/funk-lite brilliance.

Unfortunately, there is very little information on this gentle magician. Where are you Arjune Popo? Play at my wedding?" - Modo

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Anonymous said...

I'm ridin' and I'm dancing disco baby

Dead Dog said...

you bring my heart paaaaiiiin and sufferring... i doooo love youuu, very muchly!

Modo said...

He was the double rainbow.

Anonymous said...

hahahhaa yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaa this is groovay