Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jandek - You Walk Alone (1988)

You Walk Alone (1988, Corwood Industries)

"I don't know how to effectively describe this, my first post in over five months. I could say it's a masterpiece. I could say it's strange. I could over alliterate as I often do and say it's "a bewildering beast of breathtaking beauty" (I kind of like that). I can and will do all of that. It is absolutely all of those things and more. The only thing that matters though is that I just love the way it sounds. Don't listen to or not listen to this because it's Jandek. Listen to it because it's one of the best records of the 1980's." - DD


nancy reynolds-allison said...

Yeah! More Jandek.

Anonymous said...

I'm still making my mind up about Jandek. I love the live electric stuff, because it's the sort of clatter that's right up my street. Thanks very much for this.

Unknown said...

Yeah! More Jandek!

Dead Dog said...

As with most artists, there is definitely some Jandek I can take or leave. But the stuff I take and tend to cherish.