Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vyto B - Automatic Vaudeville (1985) (Cass.)

Vyto B
Automatic Vaudeville (Cass.) (1985, Unknown)

"Automatic Vaudeville is the oft-forgotten followup to Vyto B's highly sought after debut, Tricentennial 2076. Both are pretty fantastic, but I find this a bit more fun. With lyrical content that runs the gamut; from porn stars to feminism, true love to toga's, these are super rad electro-junk power jams. Highly recommended for lonely dance parties to lull the gloom. Top track is Secret, now chew it fuglies!" - DD


Professor said...

thank you for introducing and sharing

JED said...

this record is so good! I've also been listening to tricentennial 2076 (which is blowing my mind) thanks for posting

Riz said...

This is unbelievably good. Loved his Tricentennial 2076 so thrilled to see this here. Thanks for sharing this one – very much appreciated. If it's not too much bother, are you able to post it in a higher quality as well?