Monday, December 7, 2015

Modo Koagon ‎- Ebb (2015) (LP)
Modo Koagon 
Ebb (LP) (2015, HARADA)

"An eclectic trove of trinket-collage, field recordings, cling-clang, jazzy sax, synthery and percussive blips and rips; MK's third release is his first as a solo artist and truly showcases his prowess, bringing sensitively crafted intricacies to the forefront. If peace is what you're after then sprawl out and jam this ditty biddies!" - DD


Anonymous said...

so glad to see you getting active on this blog! as always, the post are uniquely wide-ranging in genre, but never in quality.

Dead Dog said...

thanks a lot for commenting!! it's a pleasure to get such nice feedback and an even larger pleasure to share such fantastic music with people who are interested.