Saturday, October 24, 2009

Omon Ra - The Spirit Of Jerry Garcia Playing The Rolling Stones (2009)

Easily one of the best bands in Halifax, Omon Ra has been pumping out handsome grooves at a relentless pace for the past few years. Dan Miller and Zachary Fairbrother write soulful spaced out rock n roll folk groove love songs with stirring presence, for the poor and anxious bastards, and if you haven't heard then get up and open yr ears. This is what's happening, all around and in between. To quote a review from Weird Canada, "It’s catchy, droney, vaguely-emotional, and a certified trip. Omon Ra will become a leading creative mind in Canada and I’m assuming there’s a lot more at the source". Complete with a slew of guest appearances from a ton of great people, not to mention the fantastic cover art by Andrew MacGregor (GOWN / Bark Haze), this is a choice little record that you need to hear now. Fav tracks: Its Recreation, Good Friend, Mountain Day After, You Made Me Ill. This is still unreleased but will hopefully make it's way to vinyl sometime in the next few months, so get it now, and bliss out fools.

Also, you should buy Omon Ra's albums HERE & HERE from Fixture Records!

TRACK LIST: 1. Its An Omen / 2. Of Loving / 3. Station Street / 4. Its Recreation / 5. Good Friend / 6. Dragging By / 7. For Strickland / 8. Mountain Day After / 9. We Slept In A Field / 10. You Made Me Ill / 11. Eurydice


Zachary Devereux Fairbrother said...

This is missing a few tracks for the record...... I'll probably be putting this up on my blog as well, along with all the previous "Omon Ra" releases.


Dead Dog said...

all the more reason to buy it on vinyl in 6 months