Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brian Glaze & The Night Shift - Green Living (2009)

Brian Glaze & The Night Shift
Green Living (2009, World Famous In San Francisco)

"Brian (Jonestown Massacre/Gris Gris) Glaze brings us an eclectic barrage of beautiful and haunting songs. Sometimes fun, sometimes dire and sometimes even prophetic (Bad News), these songs transcend the current bloom of bedroom recording artists and reminisce of a time more complex, with glam gods and rock 'n roll superstars! Highly recommended for those in need of a good shakedown." - DD


Anonymous said...

Cool some parts sound like bad demos of New Order, in a good way. And then other parts sound like BJM. I agree, the word play is much better than the current crop of bedroom superstars. Sort of a overlooked gem of 2009 here. I guess the overground music press was too brainwashed by "Electric Feel" haze to give coverage to any thing else during that time. Although, you could blame Birdman for writing a Badly Drawn Boy comparison in their press release for this dude, I'm sure that scared off many from even listening.

Birdman should do like the management team of MGMT do, just name drop a bunch of cult legends in your press release for the band, no matter if they sound like them or not. Or just get out some cash and hire some cult legends like Sonic Boom to give you instant street cred.

Thanks Buffalo Tones.

Dead Dog said...

yeah, badly drawn boy is a terrible comparison to make. im not sure where that one came from. nevertheless, this is an incredible album. its too bad it doesn't get more recognition.