Monday, October 18, 2010

Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World (1960)

Joe Meek & The Blue Men
I Hear A New World (1960, Triumph Records)

"It is totally ineffable how far ahead of his time Joe Meek was as a producer. I Hear A New World showcases this fact in all its splendor. Alternating between serene beauty, melancholic space romps and wild eccentric freak outs, these songs are totally electrifying, strange and surreal. It is Meek orchestrating his magnum opus, so dig it fine and fancy free little kittens!" - DD


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks

Dead Dog said...

youre very welcome!

Barbatruco Producciones said...

many unknown records I have found here.thanks for that,sadly this link is dead,cheers

Dead Dog said...

Hey sorry, I'll try to update the link tomorrow