Thursday, October 28, 2010

tRANSELEMENt - Ouaqui Paetes (2001)

Ouaqui Paetes (2001, Self Released)

"In late 2001 I stumbled upon a tiny band in the UK making music unlike any I'd heard before. I found them on the now defunct, at the time one of the few places to share music online. I managed to get some CDs in the mail along with a letter and was absolutely taken by their eclectic sound. Initially, I had planned on sharing their 8 Songs About Travel when I saw this. Ouaqui Paetes was my favourite of theirs & until now I hadn't a copy of my own. I haven't heard some of these songs in years and while listening today it brought the warmest smile to my face. I can only hope some of you enjoy this as much as I do. Truly one of the great lost gems of the decade!" - DD

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Anonymous said...

I found your website by searching for some Vyto B on the internet, and this was the first album I listened to from it, Naughty Thingz being the first song I heard. Wow

- Keith.