Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bohack - It Took Several Wives (LP) (1982)

You either love Vincent Gallo, or you hate him with every fiber of your being. I find it hilarious that so many people put so much effort into hating him, but ahh well. I think his songs are really pretty and his films look nice, and I don't really care whether he's an arrogant asshole or not cuz I aint never met him. I digress.

Enter Bohack, the first record to feature one Vincent Vito Gallo. Shortly after its release the band split up and Gallo began his film career. I totally loved it! Super noisey, super eclectic, very hypnotic! It's nothing like Gallo's later recordings, so don't expect that soft Chet Baker voice to sooth you to sleep. This is way more explosive and aggressive. The albums cover art was done by the famous artist Francesco Clemente. It's divided into two tracks (side A & B), but the album is actually a bunch of tracks. Sorry about that. Also an LP rip, so enjoy it yous!

Get it now motherfuckers!

SIDE 1: 1. The Rock Of Joe The Dog Crowd Noticed / 2. Slow Clock / 3. A Waiter Dies A Large Family For A Tip Leaves / 4. Shot Himself After Falling Three Days / 5. Fat Jaw / 6. If You Feel Frogie Jump / 7. Jesus In Mono / 8. Old Hog Pissing In Sepia / 9. Jerky In Color / 10. To Save A Safe Artist's Ass
SIDE 2: 1. Good Brown / 2. It Took Several Wives / 3. The Man With The Flower In His Mouth / 4. They Came As One Person / 5. The White Hand Burned While The Red Hand Held On / 6. Potatoe Skin Hair / 7. 50 Perfumes (Part 1) / 8. 50 Perfumes (Part 2)


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