Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pascal Comelade - Sentimientos (LP) (1982)

I just kind of stumbled onto this album by accident a few months back, and I'm so glad I did. Pascal Comelade is a French Catalan musician often working in the realm of minimalist composition, incorporating children's toys into much of his work. This album in particular, over any others I've heard, is quite peaceful and pretty with lot's of great piano work and soft sound. There's also a superb Brian Eno cover on it (!!!!), a tribute to Syd Barrett, as well as a few other songs you'll recognize. It's perfect to have on when you're feeling mellow, or before bed, or when yr just feeling lazy and want to melt into a puddle. So grab this now cuz you will not regret it! It's gorgeous! Added bonus, this is an LP rip.

Cheeewwwwww it...

TRACK LIST: 1. White light / 2. Approximative but fair / 3. Wyatt ah um / 4. Lettre de Mozart à sa petite cousine / 5. Still life with goldfish / 6. The Grey Velvet Gentleman / 7. From DC by PC / 8. Taking Tiger Mountain / 9. Habanera / 10. Carmen / 11. Avant-midi / 12. Sicilia / 13. Again / 14. White heat / 15. Distant pianos / 16. Paralelo / 17. In a Lebanon park / 18. Courant d'air sur le pommier de Japon / 19. La opera / 20. Barrett


Dr Faustroll said...

Well, thanks for sharing this long out of print Pascal Comelade, one of my fave artist. A bunch of good music here too. And thanks too for listing Dr Faustroll in your blogroll (and welcome to mine)

Dead Dog said...

no problem at all! thanks for the comments!