Friday, February 26, 2010

Bill Cosby - Badfoot Brown & The Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band (1971)

I've always had a weird love affair with Bill Cosby. I thought he'd be a great dad to have. I loved his obsession with jazz, and the way he danced on his show. Recently this album was brought to my attention, and after hearing it for the first time all I could think was, "I knew I loved Bill Cosby for a reason". It's not so much a surprise as it is a huge sigh of relief, I knew that he should be a part of something like this. Featured on the keys, Cosby brings us an incredible instrumental freak out jazz experiment. It's a very dark and contemplative work. At points just hanging on the edge of a beat, then cruising back in with all of the spirit and passion one band can muster, with a tribute to the late Martin Luther King Jr., this album is very powerful. Enjoy!

Cruise on it little babies!

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wind, said...

yes! adam sent me the link but i forgot, and i was thinking, matt never does me wrong.

thanks budddy

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