Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chief Thundercloud - Bathtime Fun (2010)

More Halifax goodies for yuh fuzz fucks. This noisey brain blaster comes from one of the founding members of Scribbler, Craig Currie. One of the things I've always really liked about the Chief Thundercloud project is the diversity in sound. Every time I've ever seen him live it's been different, and the same goes for his recordings. He's consistently reinventing his sound, with the use of various pedals and different amps and boxes, while still maintaining a unity within the songs. I particularly enjoyed this stuff. Very noisey and spaced yet seemingly confined, and the Beatles covers are great too! It's 29 tracks of the heaviest blasting folk goodness yr likely to hear. Complete with artwork by young heart throb Matt Samways, of Pig.

Believe it brothers and sisters!

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