Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vibes - You God It (2009) (Cass.)

Good Vibes indeed. By looking at this cool cover, reading the cool album name and listening to this cool tape, you can draw only one conclusion from this band; they're cool, it's true. Lo-fi no-wave, funkadelic soul-punk, black magic dance-groove space rock. Sounds like a lot to swallow, I know, but trust me it goes down smooth! Featuring Amanda Brown (Pocahaunted) as well as members from Robedoor, Magic Lantern & Sun Araw, Vibes will put you into the groovy and jam on yr bones like a haunted voodoo dance party. Toes are tappin', shake it off! Recorded live at Bored Fortress and released as a limited edition of 100 cassettes on Not Not Fun, featuring cool artwork by Amanda Brown.

You god it dudes!

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