Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Clean - Anthology (2003)

As per request, a re-up of this almighty and glorious beast.
Formed in 1978, The Clean are part of the first wave of the Kiwi punk movement. I'm not sure what they remind me of really, but about four* years ago I was in Zoinks in Toronto, good store!, and it was playing. I asked who it was and bought this album that day. It's amazing beyond any comprehension. Kinda like The Feelies at times, but not really. There's surf rock, lofi sad songs, garage rock, full blown punk, and everything in between almost. This is a collection of pretty well everything they did. Double album. I dig the first one best, but meh.


"If you drew a tree of New Zealand rock, The Clean would in all likelihood be the trunk." - Pitchfork (8.5/10)

*edited for historical accuracy.


Leonardo said...

hey! thanks SO MUCH fot this.

Dead Dog said...

the pleasure is mine! this is one of my all time fav's! sorry to anyone who didnt get to hear it before the link was removed.