Monday, April 12, 2010

Beat Happening - Dreamy (1991)

There is a list, oh yes... a list, and it is a list I frequently mention. It refers to great moments in rock n roll history and it contains the best of the best. If you look way up at the top of this list, amongst other such greats as Buddy Holly, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cramps, or The Velvets, to name a few, you'll see Beat Happening. Combining 50's Americana with an iconoclastic wit, their artless soul and lo-fi D.I.Y. brand of bubblegum and apple pie rock n roll is for gleamy eyed teenagers who just want to dance and have fun. It bears an unquantifiable honesty that I find people generally appreciate or scoff at. If you're the latter I feel sorry for you, you are missing out on some of the greatest music ever made. It's "evil spy hide n seek love songs for haunted house groove parties" rock n roll, so dig it long and hard sweeties!

"I hit the road to give it a try, got a girl in Reno just to watch her cry..."

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