Saturday, April 17, 2010

Swell Maps - Let's Build A Car (1979) (7")

This unnerving beast is quite delicious indeed. It's the first release by England's experimental punkers Swell Maps to really get my goat. And boy did it get my goat. Mind you, I'm a fan of most of their stuff now, but this is still the one that gets the most play. A quick but significant beauty, it completely throttled me the first time around. Specifically the song Let's Build A Car. It's like Simply Saucer and The Buzzcocks kicking the shit out of Sonic Youth in a bar room blitz. I wish I had a vinyl rip 'cuz the piano is way down in this mix, and the piano is amazing. Too bad. After that the album drops the Cocks in favour of a more brooding attire, savage and punchy, finally closing with a brief but slow going groan. Dig it sweet babes, by the gallon!

"... at least know what you're waiting for!"


cnjnctvsynth said...

Thanks for this. I've been meaning to give these guys a serious listen for a long time now. It's nice to have a recommendation to start me off.

Dead Dog said...

glad I could help, the pleasure is mine

hgordonf said...

YEA !! Let's Buy A Car is great !
I still have not figured out the meaning in the lyrics yet BUT LOVE
the TUNE and the 70s Brit-Glam-Punk SOUND !