Thursday, April 1, 2010

Acid Eater - Black Fuzz On Wheels (2010)

It's time to get the fuck on yr flame-engulfed moped and cruise down the block, taunting and antagonizing all in sight! It's pure chaos, fuzzed out, psychedelic, swamp walkin, ball blastin, shit meltin, rubber burnin, blood boilin, trash talkin rock and roll for the soul brothers and sisters! Never fear, Acid Eater is here! They come to destroy all that ails ya, shout it out loud! From the great Masonna comes Black Fuzz On Wheels (a name that says it all), the second release by this incredibly powerful rock and roll spasm of a band. Get it and groove on to the sun mother fuckers!

Dig the distorted realms, reaching out beyond space and time!

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