Monday, April 19, 2010

Felt - My Face Is On Fire (1982) (7")

Felt were an influencial 80's rock band. While having a wide range of sounds in their repitoire, they often combined atmospheric washes with intricate guitar riffs and emotive, distinctly "80's" vocals. This is my favourite release of theirs. Despite being entirely too short, My Face Is On Fire represents the best of the bands sound. With pulsing drums rolling, twangy acoustic guitar licks, and a seemingly lo-fi recording aesthetic, it's fairly different from the bands later, more pop oriented albums. It's more dynamic and youthful, while still maintaining a dark ambience. Highly recommended for anyone interested in 80's brit-rock/goth type stuff (think Echo & The Bunnymen).

"Oh no, oh no, don't let 'em break you down..."


Anonymous said...

this to me was the best thing that Felt ever released. It was this single that inspired the later bands like The Pastels.

I don't know why they did not continue on with this sound. The whole muffled drums sound is so original and the lyrics represented the spirit of the youthful outcast.

They got too overproduced after this single. Oh well, that's history now.

Dead Dog said...

it's the truth.