Saturday, April 17, 2010

ESG - Come Away With ESG (1983)

Come Away With ESG is one of those records that everyone should have a copy of. Regardless of your interest in dance music it will cause bones to wiggle and limbs to flail. Originally made up of three sisters and two friends, ESG were very influencial in the early New York hip-hop and post-punk world. With their primitive yet complex polyrhythms and thick walking bass lines, their fusion of disco dance and a punk rock ethos created a sound all their own. In my opinion they are pioneers of the "mutant disco" sound, though not normally associated with it, and this is one of the funnest records around. So dig on it sweet sweeties, there's gold in them there hills!

"You make... you make no sense at all..."


mozeurphoque said...

You just made my day with this one. Thank you so much, keep sharing the quality mate !

Dead Dog said...

glad i could help