Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LiLiPUT - Kleenex/LiLiPUT (2001)

From deep within the Swiss Alps (they're actually just Swiss, I made the Alps part up) comes one of the greatest, purest, most sensational punk bands of all time! Formed in 1978 under the name Kleenex, LiLiPUT combined raunchy post-punk with a blunt vocal style, both in English and German, and a spirited naiveté reminiscent of The Raincoats, Black Flag, and Bush Tetras, with a twist of Dolly Mixture's pop aesthetic. Bashing out enchanted anthems with a sober pride they'll make you want to stand up and shout! This double disc anthology of never-ending greatness is highly recommended to anyone interested in punk music, period!

Eep! Eeek! (Disc 1) / Eep! Eek! (Disc 2)


Unknown said...

really good...thanks!!

Unknown said...


Dead Dog said...

you're very welcome!

felicidade clandestina said...

obrigada!!! :D

el borbah said...

Hi there Dead Dog!
I am so Psyched to see this blog coming back to life again- and in such a fashion , Moondog es el número UNO!, that I started to go back through it and found this entry that fed my imagination with no limit, I´ve scouting tirelessly for this wome´s record,now even more than ever after the passing of the guitar player...anyway, ¿is there any chance for you to re-up those goddesses back?

Muchas gracias in advance.