Monday, March 8, 2010

Devo - Duty Now For The Future (1979) (LP)

This is a fantastic and often under-appreciated album, full of spunk and zeal. As far as Devo goes there are a few camps to reside in; a) you've only heard their radio hits and you think of them as sort of a joke-pop electro band (fuck you!), b) you've heard Q: Are We Not Men?... and you kinda dig 'em but aren't that familiar, c) you've heard Hardcore Devo (Vol. I or II) and you think Devo is fucking awesome! If you don't fit into any of these three categories then you don't exist. Regardless of where you stand, if you're in the mood to expand I highly recommend this album. It's got the attitude and haste of the early demos on Hardcore, plus the pop sense and quality of recording on later Devo. A great record from an absurdly great band who always seem to get the shit end of the "cred" stick. Enjoy tossers, or else!



Emm said...

Neil Young and Devo doing Hey Hey, My My.

Dead Dog said...

fucking wicked!