Friday, March 26, 2010

Religious Knives - Resin (2008)

This album was quite a surprise for me. I was binging on drone and grabbed it in a lot of countless other bands. To my surprise it wasn't a drone album at all. Though indeed "droney", it has much more to offer in the way of song. Drawing influences perhaps not aesthetically but emotionally from a Bad Moon Rising era Sonic Youth (In The Back) and a dazed out contemporary Doors (The Sun), Religious Knives' breed of unearthly tribal grooves will leave you feverish and wanting more. I really like the consistent ups and downs presented. Right away it grabs you with a raucous pulse that winds around a distant chant, only to halt and dwell in a jingly sleep that slowly evolves into a peaceful trudge. It continues like this throughout. Favourite track is probably the Ennio infused Everything Happens Twice. Dig on it sweet sweeties!

Trip out and freak yr freak ya fabled fools!

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