Thursday, March 18, 2010

Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 1: Suzume (2009)

Vol. 1 of 13, this almost callous assault could possibly leave you beaten and winded if you're not prepared. I actually fell asleep listening to it for this review, a rather peaceful experience, but have enjoyed it immensely on previous occasions. The first track is a twenty minute blast of fierce fuzz patiently forming a pulse, torn to shreds by rolling drum spasms. The second bit is more a wall of fuzz clatter, and on a smaller scale it clocks in at just under six minutes. I'm not big on the third track, though in no way do I find it offensive. I'm thrown off slightly by the prominence of drums right off the bat and overall it just comes off as somewhat bored. Finally, the closer; a punishing opus of scattered drums, buzzing squeals, and throbbing cacophony. At first I felt similar to this as with the third track, but throughout the entire last third I was in awe of the encompassing howl it presented. This is Merzbow, for better or worse.

Bleed it out and clot sweet babies!

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