Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Frogs - My Daughter The Broad (1996)

A surrealist romp through naive fairy tales and swooning rock and roll balladry, this is a fantastically comical and thoroughly honest album of free improvisation and child like rambling. With such classics as I'm Evil, Jack, I'm Sad The Goat Just Died Today, I'm Hungry (possibly one of the greatest songs ever recorded), and one of my personal favourites I Love U (You Know I Don't) this album exudes a puerile yet innocent enthusiasm rarely captured with such humility (you can literally hear them snicker at several points). Dennis, the one with the dying old man voice, is a fucking genius. Jimmy I could do without for the most part, though he has his moments (Lifeguard Of Love/God Is Gay). Strange music by two very strange if not novel brothers. The Frogs are where it's at!

Chew the cuddly fat fodder you beefy feebs!

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