Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Shark - Le Fin (1986) (Cass.)

This is such a ridiculously great tape. It's really quite a shame there isn't more info out there on it, and no other releases by the band either. Combining elements of early 80's rock with eastern jams and sloppy 70's new york punk, occasionally riffing on early 60's surf rock, this sounds informed yet altogether new. I think the description on Mutant Sounds, where I found the tape about two years ago, does a good job of summing it up;

"DIY experimentalism, with floating psych atmospheres and eastern influences... in part reminds me of early TV Personalities, early Jesus and Mary Chain and even some Fall elements. All those blended with ultra stoned eastern elements and Velvet Underground influences..."

So here it is, enjoy the sweet jams, especially I Saw The Devil, which I've wanted to cover since the first time I heard it.

Dig on it sweet babies!

Thanks to Mutant Sounds for the original post!


Unknown said...

www.myspace . com/redsharklefin

Dead Dog said...

awesome, thanks fr the link!!!

Unknown said...

watch out for more songs not on 'Le Fin' We'll post them when we get the digital versions sorted out

Dead Dog said...

is there any way I can get everything you have of their recordings? my email is