Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pere Ubu - New Picnic Time (1979)

Always enjoyable and always unexpected, Pere Ubu really serve it up on this their third album. With one of the greatest opening lines ever, they instantly crash the party they weren't invited to, and thank god they had the initiative to say "fuck you!" to the host. "It's me again!" David Thomas bellows with a clueless enchantment, "hey.... hey.... hey it's me again". Indeed, there is an earnest and youthful wonder about Pere Ubu that you have to love, or hate I suppose. They're just one of those bands, there is no middle ground. So hopefully you'll enjoy this incredible album full of fun experimentation and groovy rocks and jams. Pay attention to One Less Worry, one of my fav's.

"This one is alright!"


Anonymous said...

Listening to it now... so far I like it. It's weird but good.

Dead Dog said...

fuckin right its good.