Friday, November 14, 2008

The Corners - Complete Discography (2005-2006)

So, I used to be in a band called The Corners with Dan Miller, now of Omon Ra. It's lo-fi folky type stuff, somewhat comparable (perhaps far too idealistically) to Little Wings or to a lesser extent The Microphones. Though it's not quite either of those bands really. Sorry. Anyways, some people really seem to like it. So enjoy!

Lionly Coward (2005)

1. Peking Opera Blues
2. Found
3. Cold Hands, Warm Feet
4. Oh, Dear
5. Wool
6. Faces In My Walls
7. Shady Maple
8. 1952
9. Redbird
10. Theatre
11. Shakes
12. Napoleon
13. Smiles
14. Sing Me Home
15. We'll Watch Ourselves Die
16. We'll All Die Young

+ Friends (2006)

1. Other Side
2. Thinks Out Loud
3. 'Cross The River
4. Something About A Place
5. Sleeves
6. Lullabye
7. The Cold Blew In
8. I Don't Have The Might
9. The Town
10. Visions Of A Hotel
11. Silly Love (Daniel Johnston)
12. Day Song
13. Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
14. Compressed Air
15. Pickalilly
16. Other Side Pt. 2

Hallelujah Boom (2006)
1. The Storm
2. Birdy
3. Border Cross Waltz
4. Sunshine & Smiles
5. Please
6. Fire
7. A Man Meets His Doom
8. Afternoon
9. Come My Love
10. Lu Lee Aye O
11. Somwhere
12. Fort William
13. I Don't Have The Might
14. Oh, Gulley
15. Applestone

I've also included three live sets from the same period. One of which featuring Brooke Manning, of Owl Eyes.



nervrom said...

did you know that Peking used to be the name of "beijing"?
i bet you did. but i decided to post this anyway.

Dead Dog said...
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Dead Dog said...

i did in fact know that yes. the name comes from a movie. from hong kong. called peking opera blues. devo.

love always,
friendly friend.

jordaan mason said...

hey man,

i played a show with your band the corners a long long way back in belleville, i'm jordaan. i wanted to download this discography but the links no longer work. the only mp3 of yours i have left from that time is "a man meets his doom," and i listen to it often, it's really great.

get in touch if you can: