Sunday, November 30, 2008

John Bender - Plaster Falling (1981) (LP)

There isn't a ton of info out there on John Bender, so I apologize. This album is two tracks (Neither Side, and Nor Side [Side A & B of the LP]), with each track containing several songs. It's incredible lo-fi minimalist electronic groove. Reminiscent at times of a darker Bruce Haack (Haackula era more then anything), this album is super fuzzed out and surreal electronic goodness. Bender has a voice unlike any other. If you've never heard it, then get it. You'll thank me. I'm gonna upload some more Bender in the near future.

"From Tapes 34 to 45, 1979-81. The album sleeve is covered in white plaster and you have to cut the sleeve open to get the record out. First edition with artist name, title and label hand written in plaster. Second edition with sprayed title and catalog no. on front and printed tracklist and album information on the back side." -

Released on Record Sluts (RS 003)
More Info: John Bender Fan Page

A1 Station
A2 Plaster
A3 Women
A4 People

B1 Something
B2 Records
B3 Knuckles
B4 Cities
B5 Street


(Thanks to the always incredible MUTANT SOUNDS for the original upload!)

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