Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wasted Widow - Skeleton Rabies (2008)

I bumped into these guys on myspace last week. There are a series of Montreal based bands who are all related, through Hobo Cult Records, and they're all pretty great. But this album in particular I really enjoyed. Don't know what to compare it to really. It's droney at times, it's noisy at times, it's abstract goodness, lo-fi insanity at it's finest. It's like haunting circus music, a busted radio, and a choir of alien pods, all being orchestrated and played by a possessed heroin junkie in an empty warehouse, deep below the earth surface! Don't you fucking hate bullshit hodgepodge art-fuck descriptions like that?! Me Too! So just get it! cuz it's good! And also, visit their Myspace!

1) Adroxxylon
2) Widow Funk
3) Blizzard Wizard
4) Cobarde
5) Glotd
6) Oobloo
7) Deprodiac
8) Parayso


Thanks to HOBO CULT RECORDS for the link.

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