Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fall - I Am Kurious, Oranj (1988)

Probably my favorite Fall album from what i've heard.

"I Am Kurious, Oranj (the name is written with a comma on the CD and both with and without a comma on different parts of the CD packaging) is a 1988 album by British rock band The Fall. The album was written as the soundtrack for the ballet "I am Curious, Orange", produced by contemporary dance group Michael Clark & Company, and themed loosely around the 300th anniversary of William of Orange's accession to the English throne. The album is also notable for its reworking of William Blake's lyrics for the hymn "Jerusalem" by Fall front man Mark E. Smith. The album's title is derived from Swedish director Vilgot Sjöman's films I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967) and I Am Curious (Blue) (1968)." - Wikipedia

"Kurious Oranj"

  1. "New Big Prinz" (Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanlon, Steve Hanley, Marcia Schofield) – 3:26
  2. "Overture from I Am Curious, Orange" (Brix Smith) – 2:48
  3. "Dog Is Life" / "Jerusalem" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith/M. E. Smith, William Blake) – 8:54
  4. "Kurious Oranj" (M. E. Smith, Hanley, Simon Wolstencroft) – 6:20
  5. "Wrong Place, Right Time" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith) – 2:52
  6. "Guide Me Soft" (M. E. Smith) – 2:15
  7. "Win Fall CD 2088AD" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith) – 4:41
  8. "Yes O Yes" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith, B. Smith) – 3:25
  9. "Van Plague?" (M. E. Smith, Scanlon) – 4:56
  10. "Bad News Girl" (M. E. Smith, B. Smith) – 5:22
  11. "Cab It Up!" (M. E. Smith) – 4:54
  12. "Last Nacht" (M. E. Smith, Simon Rogers) – 3:56
  13. "Big New Priest" – 3:08



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Dead Dog said...

my pleasure

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Dude! You freakin' R-O-C-K!!! Thank you so much for uploading this classic album by The Fall ... it is my favourite release of theirs as well.

Been looking all over the Net for this in a free format and (just by coincidence) I wandered onto your Blog. Nice job.

Thanks again for your effort.

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