Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Can't Hear My Eyes / Evolution's A Lie (7") (2008)

The newest from Ariel Pink sees his first ever recording with full band. I really liked it. Though I wasn't huge on Can't Hear My Eyes overall I didn't hate it by any means, and the horns in the middle are incredible! Evolution's A Lie is just overall an awesome song, with a much harsher jam/freak-out type dealy [aura] deep at the core. Definitely get this if you're already familiar with Ariel Pink!

"hello friend. My name is Ariel Pink. You've probably read my name online somewhere, maybe your best friend burned you some of my older records, or perhaps you even think we've met at some time in the past. Baloney! Everything you think you know is WRONG- DEAD WRONG. THIS is me, naked, without the buffer of awful tape noise drowning out any lack of vision." - Ariel Pink

1. Can't Hear My Eyes
2. Evolution's A Lie



Anonymous said...

The "awful tape noise" is why I love Ariel PInk so much! It has stood out from any music I think I've ever heard. He's created a sound with the way he records. It's fucking magical.

Dead Dog said...

yeah i love it too, thats what ariel himself called it, not me haha.

there are a lot of tape hiss bands though, you should look into more lo-fi home recordings.

THALYSSA said...

aaaah noo mMAMA god! please re-up!

THALYSSA said...