Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Redneck Zombies 20th Anniversary Edition (1986)

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Redneck Zombies, one of the all time greatest zombie flicks ever made, was released yesterday! So fucking get the fuck over here and buy it! NOW!

"First off, if you haven't seen REDNECK ZOMBIES and the title intrigues you, then this is a must see. Strangely, this movie really polarizes its audience - I've found people who love it and those who don't love it really, really hate it with a passion. Whatever it is, it's both smart and sophomoric at the same time. Oh yes, and ultra-gory too.

This DVD release improves immensely over Troma's original release. For one thing, this is a new master seemingly created by Ed Bishop (with some slight "improvements" here and there). This means that the "Where's a nice place to take a s---" line isn't truncated like on the original DVD. The psychedelic sequences also have some additional effects added to them. Aside from this, the disc comes with a bonus soundtrack CD, 45 minutes of interviews from 12 cast and crew members, a fun commentary track, original promo trailers, outtakes and deleted scenes from the R-rated video version of the film. Basically, if you're a fan of REDNECK ZOMBIES, you absolutely must own this release. And if you've never seen the film before, note that this is probably the best example of a 1980s shot-on-video film. It's hilarious, gory and an all-around good time."

Info: When a clan of hillbily dirtfarmers turn a misplaced barrell of chemical waste into a whiskey still, going blind is the least of their worries as the toxic moonshine turns them into REDNECK ZOMBIES! Now they're ready to invite a group of wayward yankees to a down-home feast of southern-fried gore and mayhem that will turn your stomach and tickle your funny bone! So grab a seat and set a spell with your favorite gut-chompin, tobacco chewin' cannibal kinfolk from hell in REDNECK ZOMBIES!
Special Features include:
-Brand New Director-Approved Color-Corrected Transfer of the Film
-The Original Never-Before-Released Soundtrack on bonus CD!
-New Interviews with Director Pericles Lewnes and cast
-New Feature-length Audio Commentary by Pericles Lewnes and producer Edward Bishop
-Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Original Promotional Videos, and Much More!

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