Sunday, August 2, 2009

Merzbow - Merzzow (2002)

I can understand if one doesn't enjoy listening to Merzbow. One may need to just grow up and expand a bit, learn to love all things beautiful, but perhaps that is slightly beside the point. Merzbow for some is just squealing screeching horrible noise (fucking terds), and if you find yourself in this sinking ship of doom then quite possibly this is the album to change you mind (float yr boat? laaame!). Indeed, there is, hidden deep within that ethereal cacophony known as Merzbow, actual tangible rhythm. It is certainly not at the forefront, but I assure you it is there. Just to remind everyone, I am still not extremely well versed in the world of Merzbow, there is much that I have not yet heard (I am trying my best, but it's hard. There is just so much output). That being said, this is my new favourite Merbow album. It's pounding and unwavering and full of brute force, but there is a lucid beauty deep down that I find haunting and captivating. It's unlike anything I've heard from the great Masami Akita. So get this and listen to it contently and explode all over the walls! (Name-drop count: 5 Merzbows!!!! Jesus.)


TRACK LIST: 1. Elephant Song / 2. Horiwari / 3. Inside Looking Out (Part 1) / 4. Inside Looking Out (Part 2) / 5. Koshinzuka / 6. Music Machine / 7. Horse / 8. Penderecki / 9. Green / 10. Humming Bird / 11. Aenokoto 223

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yamasuki Singers - Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki (1972)

For starters, my apologies for sucking lately in regard to proper updates. I'm slacking. It's no good, for any of us. I return to you now with a truly fucking beautiful album. Yamasuki Singers' Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki is a gorgeous collection of Japanese singers belting out ridiculously harmonious pop tunes over some rad psychedelic jams. After its original 1972 pressing on the independant label Biram it was re-released, thankfully, in 2005 by Finders Keepers Records, a brilliant little label specializing in lost and unearthed gems of the past. I particularily loved the slower soft songs like Okawa and Aisere I Love You, but the more pyched out tunes, Yama Yama or Kono Samourai, are fucking rad as hell too, for different reasons! So, get this and love it cuz its waaaay too good to be ignored! Thanks to James for showing me this, and for the cereal and tea!

Get this god damn brilliant slice now you fucking tosser!

We listened to this once and were confused and intrigued. We listened again and started getting into it. We listened for a third time and now completely love it!" - Movie Grooves