Sunday, November 30, 2008

John Bender - Plaster Falling (1981) (LP)

There isn't a ton of info out there on John Bender, so I apologize. This album is two tracks (Neither Side, and Nor Side [Side A & B of the LP]), with each track containing several songs. It's incredible lo-fi minimalist electronic groove. Reminiscent at times of a darker Bruce Haack (Haackula era more then anything), this album is super fuzzed out and surreal electronic goodness. Bender has a voice unlike any other. If you've never heard it, then get it. You'll thank me. I'm gonna upload some more Bender in the near future.

"From Tapes 34 to 45, 1979-81. The album sleeve is covered in white plaster and you have to cut the sleeve open to get the record out. First edition with artist name, title and label hand written in plaster. Second edition with sprayed title and catalog no. on front and printed tracklist and album information on the back side." -

Released on Record Sluts (RS 003)
More Info: John Bender Fan Page

A1 Station
A2 Plaster
A3 Women
A4 People

B1 Something
B2 Records
B3 Knuckles
B4 Cities
B5 Street


(Thanks to the always incredible MUTANT SOUNDS for the original upload!)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance (1977)

Definitely my favorite of any Pere Ubu I've heard. It's complete rock and roll madness! This is their debut release (Blank Records) and you should get it! I particularily enjoyed Laughing, as well as Chinese Radiation. I'll probably write more later when im not so anxious.

"There isn't a Pere Ubu recording you can imagine living without. The Modern Dance remains the essential Ubu purchase (as does the follow-up, Dub Housing). For sure, Mercury had no idea what they had on their hands when they released this as part of their punk rock offshoot label Blank, but it remains a classic slice of art-punk. It announces itself quite boldly: the first sound you hear is a painfully high-pitched whine of feedback, but then Tom Herman's postmodern Chuck Berry riffing kicks off the brilliant "Non-Alignment Pact," and you soon realize that this is punk rock unlike any you've ever heard. David Thomas' caterwauling is funny and moving, Scott Krauss (drums) and Tony Maimone (bass) are one of the great unheralded rhythm sections in all of rock, and the "difficult" tracks like "Street Waves," "Chinese Radiation," and the terrifying "Humor Me" are revelatory, and way ahead of their time. The Modern Dance is the signature sound of the avant-garage: art rock, punk rock, and garage rock mixing together joyously and fearlessly. " -

The Modern Dance

  1. "Non-Alignment Pact" – 3:18
  2. "The Modern Dance" – 3:28
  3. "Laughing" – 4:35
  4. "Street Waves" – 3:04
  5. "Chinese Radiation" – 3:27

  1. "Life Stinks" (Peter Laughner) – 1:52
  2. "Real World" – 3:59
  3. "Over My Head" – 3:48
  4. "Sentimental Journey" – 6:05
  5. "Humor Me" – 2:44

(thanks to HONG KONG GARDEN for the original upload)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom (2008) (w/ Julie Doiron & Fred Squire)

Finally. Finally Phil Elvrum & Julie Doiron have come together. At Long Last. Finally! I personally really liked this album. Some don't. But if yr a fan of either I'd get it and decide for yourself. It's funny to hear the two styles combine. They're both so different but so similar. I've always loved Eric's Trip, and enjoy Doiron's solo stuff. And Phil? Everything Phil Elvrum does is golden beauty. He's a musical saint. I love him like a baby loves paddy cake. So get this, and listen to it, and figure out where your place in the world is. Totally Beautiful.
(all songs written by Phil Elvrum)

"At a glance, a Phil Elverum/Julie Doiron meet-up seems entirely apt, perhaps even inevitable. The two share collaborators, hail from sleepy corners of their respective countries, and make music a or Pandora bot would more than likely peg as "similar." Viewed a certain way, however, the two couldn't be more far afield. Elverum, as a songwriter, has long occupied himself with The Big Questions, his catalog full of probing meditations on birth and death, the elements, and the unknown. Doiron, conversely, has consistently stuck to the simple and domestic, quietly reveling in the tangible and everyday. Songs such as "Snowfalls in November" are patiently observed odes to satisfaction and serenity in the absolute. In short, Doiron is the contented period to Elverum's searching question mark." - Pitchfork (8.3)

More Info: Wikipedia

Helm Gallery, Tacoma WA (4/18/08)

  1. "Lost Wisdom" – 4:14
  2. "Voice in Headphones" – 2:16
  3. "You Swan, Go On" – 1:25
  4. "Who?" – 2:24
  5. "Flaming Home" – 2:29
  6. "What?" – 2:06
  7. "If We Knew…" – 1:37
  8. "With My Hands Out" – 1:39
  9. "O My Heart" – 3:17
  10. "Grave Robbers" – 1:47

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Smegma - Smell The Remains (1988)

If you've never heard Smegma before, it's like if eggs were boiling on your brain as you watched a three stooges marathon in fastforward and drank sixteen gallons of grape kool-aid, spiked with a 60 of Gibsons Finest. Yes, it's that good. The only members of the LAFMS still around. Totally cool noise/rock from way bacck. This album is a little more recent, but not too. It's just as delicious as anything else, with a great mix of total noise chaos, free form screetch, garage rock, ambient moans, and tape collages. At times somewhat reminiscent of The Plastic People Of The Universe, or something of that ilk. I highly reccomend it to anyone interested in anything spastic. Enjoy it, or be foolish.

"Smegma is an American experimental noise group formed in Pasadena, California in 1973 and currently based in Portland, Oregon. Originally part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) movement of the 1970s, Smegma is one of the few music collectives of that era still active today." - Wikipedia



1. Potato War
2. Forest Fire In Your Left Elbow
3. One Moment
4. Credo Quia Absurdum Est
5. Hot Beeshead Hit The Wax
6. Pigface Chant
7. Roll Down Your Window
8. Beauty School


Ween - Pure Guava (1992)

At Long Last! It is here! Get it now! If this album doesn't change your life then I don't know what will. Fuck Offf.

"Pure Guava is Ween's third studio album, and the first to be released on a major label. Originally released in 1992 through Elektra Records, it features what is perhaps Ween's most well-known song, "Push th' Little Daisies." "Push th' Little Daisies" was released as a single on August Records in 1993, including both the Album and Radio Edit versions of the song (the latter replacing the word "shit" with a sample of Prince squealing) and the tracks "Ode to Rene," "I Smoke Some Grass (Really Really High)" and "Mango Woman."

Many of the songs on this album come from two tapes that the band made for friends, the first being titled "Springtape", and the second titled "The Caprice Classic Tape", as stated by Dean Ween on JJJ radio in 1993. Pure Guava marked the last time the group would record on a four-track until 2007's La Cucaracha." - Wikipedia

"Reggaejunkiejew" LIVE at The Wetlands in New York (1991)
(Dean, Gene, & a tape player)


  1. "Little Birdy" – 3:30
  2. "Tender Situation" – 3:40
  3. "The Stallion (pt. 3)" – 3:30
  4. "Big Jilm" – 2:10
  5. "Push th' Little Daisies" – 2:48
  6. "The Goin' Gets Tough from the Getgo" – 2:08
  7. "Reggaejunkiejew" – 4:51
  8. "I Play It Off Legit" – 3:20
  9. "Pumpin' 4 the Man" – 1:30
  10. "Sarah" – 2:09
  11. "Springtheme" – 3:00
  12. "Flies on My Dick" – 3:26
  13. "I Saw Gener Cryin' in His Sleep" – 1:48
  14. "Touch My Tooter" – 2:23
  15. "Mourning Glory" – 5:14
  16. "Loving U Thru It All" – 2:28
  17. "Hey Fat Boy (Asshole)" – 1:53
  18. "Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)" – 3:23
  19. "Poop Ship Destroyer" – 2:16

Ween - Chocolate & Cheese (1994)

Well, it's Ween time. Gene & Dean Ween (Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo) are always great, and this is no exception. For some reason i've managed to, despite loving Ween for many years now, go until about a week ago without ever hearing this album. I remember hearing it was bad when it first came out, and at the time I was quite impressionable. Ween is one of those bands that I've always had a soft spot for. I was in grade 9 the first time I heard them, it was the video for Push Th' Little Daisies, and I was instantly impressed. Shortly after that I was given a tape by a friend. Side A: Eric's Trip (Peter/Love Tara), Side B: Ween (Pure Guava). I fell completely in love with Pure Guava and didn't stop listening to it for months. I've loved Ween ever since. Now, I have Chocolate & Cheese and I've spent about a week listening to it. It's incredible. Get it and listen to it a lot! Sometimes cheesy, sometimes hard, sometimes beautiful, always silly, always totally believable (somehow). It's 100% Ween, dig?

"Chocolate and Cheese was Ween's fourth studio album, originally released by Elektra Records in 1994. It was the first Ween album to eschew the four-track recordings of their first three albums and utilize a professional recording studio. However, most of the instruments were still played by Dean and Gene Ween, including their drum machine.

The album is dedicated to comedian John Candy, who died while Ween was putting the album together. "A Tear for Eddie" was dedicated to the funk/psychedelic guitar pioneer Eddie Hazel, who died December 23, 1992. Ween originally wanted the cover to have a "gay sailor theme" but the studio thought it politically incorrect (possibly because of the "HIV Song" which is ironically cheery and upbeat), so they opted for the woman's body on the cover."

- Wikipedia

The "official" music video for Freedom of '76


  1. "Take Me Away" - 3:01
  2. "Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)" - 2:53
  3. "Freedom of '76" - 2:51
  4. "I Can't Put My Finger on It" - 2:48
  5. "A Tear for Eddie" - 4:50
  6. "Roses are Free" - 4:35
  7. "Baby Bitch" - 3:04
  8. "Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?" - 2:55
  9. "Drifter in the Dark" - 2:32
  10. "Voodoo Lady" - 3:48
  11. "Joppa Road" - 3:03
  12. "Candi" - 4:03
  13. "Buenas Tardes Amigo" - 7:07
  14. "The H.I.V. Song" - 2:10
  15. "What Deaner Was Talkin' About" - 2:00
  16. "Don't Shit Where You Eat" - 3:20

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ween - "Freedom Of '76" Live on the Jane Pratt Show (1993)

This is just a cool video of the always enjoyable"Ween". The song "Freedom of '76" is from their fourth studio album, "Chocolate & Cheese", released in 1994. Enjoy!

"This is one of my favorite tv clips of us. "Pure guava" was still a new record and we had just written this song. I think this is one of our last performances as a duo. This was filmed early in the morning and we were very stoned." - Gene or Dean Ween. Not sure who.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Phil Morton - Colorful Colorado (1974)

This is a example of early video art using the color capability of the Sandin Analogue Image Processor - the "Color IP".

Producer/Director: Phil Morton

More information about the Sandin Analogue Image Processor can be found on EVL's website -

Friday, November 21, 2008

Beach House - Beach House (2006)

Well. This is probably one of the better albums you'll ever hear to come out of 2006. Perhaps an over-statement for some, but i think if at first you don't hear it eventually you will. Otherwise, yr probably just not listening hard enough and should head south for broader plains & valleys of plenty, they're just over the horizon there. If you do hear it, at first or fifteenth, then good. That means we're on the same page, and I can enjoy that. You can sit in my chair. We can both build houses to sleep in. Mellow, raw. Soft, angry. Beautiful, broken. Hahaha Oh yes I did say that. What corn. What utter corn. Please Mister, I beg of you! Stop this hackneyed garble at once! OK then, I will! Beach House is like Mazzy Star and Black Flag colliding (??).

I say Black Flag not to indicate any amount of speed or volume (this is music to sleep to, or bathe to) but because there is a similar edge to them that I lend to Beach House as well. I don't really know how to explain it for you. Listen to this while you look out a window and hope for love & death! It's fucking haunting, and I really like it. Gobble Gooble Booble Dobble! Get down on yr knees and tell me you love me you mother fuckers!

"Baltimore's Beach House are singer/organist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally. Because they come from such a well-defined tradition-- the boy-girl duo making lovesick, narcotized rock with lots of depth and sweep-- it's pretty much impossible to listen to this, their debut, without making certain connections. Bands like Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Spiritualized, and Slowdive will come to mind, but this is neither pastiche nor homage. While a lot of their sounds and shapes are the same, Beach House's recipe of fairground waltzes, ghosted lullabies, and woodland hymnals feels more intimate than those of their forerunners. The Hope Sandovals and Jason Pierces of the world mostly wanted to make their songs bigger than their heartaches, to rub out messiness with beauty; Beach House play their songs for a much smaller room, and aren't afraid to stare down a mistake if it comes bounding back in echoes." - Pitchfork Review (8.1)

Apple Orchard (Live @ the Hi-Dive in Denver, CO "22/03/08 ")

  1. "Saltwater" – 2:55
  2. "Tokyo Witch" – 3:42
  3. "Apple Orchard" – 4:31
  4. "Master of None" – 3:19
  5. "Auburn and Ivory" – 4:30
  6. "Childhood" – 3:35
  7. "Lovelier Girl" – 3:02
  8. "House on the Hill" 3:14
  9. "Heart and Lungs" – 7:50

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chet Baker - Stella By Starlight (1964)

Unfortunately, I can't find a large version of the cover art for this, but the above picture does quite nicely. Well, this album is delicious. I became a fan of Chet Baker through reading up on Vincent Gallo (who's music often takes second best, however inaccurately, to his film career). Whatever I was reading at the time compared Gallow's voice to one Chet Baker. & so it began. I soon realized that I already knew a lot of Baker's stuff, and yadda yadda blah blahh. So this album doesn't have any of Chet's "fucking awesome" voice, but what it lacks vocally it more then makes up with in brass. This is pure mellow freak out. Cool jazz, doing what it does baby. Easy breazy, lemon fresh, dig on them silky bones and smooth wail you jive mother!

"Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker Jr. was an American jazz trumpeter and singer.

Specializing in relaxed, even melancholy music, Baker rose to prominence as a leading name in cool jazz in the 1950s. Baker's good looks and smoldering, intimate singing voice established him as a promising name in pop music as well. But his success was badly hampered by drug addiction, particularly in the 1960s, when he was imprisoned.

He mounted a successful comeback in the '70s, but died in 1988 after falling from a hotel window." - Wikipedia


1. My Funny Valentine (Instrumental)

2. Stella By Starlight

3. Short Bridge

4. Serpent's Tooth

5. Theme For Freddy

6. When Will The Blues Leave

7. In Your Own Sweet Way


Friday, November 14, 2008

Jandek - Lost Cause (1992)

Uhh... this record is great.

"Lost Cause dropped in 1992 to a cult of followers still trying to figure out just who this "mystery man" was. After seven fairly uniform acoustic albums (which had little "uniformity" to any sort of standard acoustic songs), the last fourteen albums had been all over the spectrum, from the crazed garage rock of Telegraph Melts to the acoustic heartbreak of Blue Corpse to the bluesy lounge rock of the Living End. Sometimes there were female vocals, or a male vocalist who obviously wasn't the original performer. What it all added up to by this point was hard to say.

It's not a stretch to say that Lost Cause attempts to sum up, then encore, the artist's career up to this point. It begins with a loungey voice and electric piece called "Green and Yellow" that reflects much of what was on the last album, One Foot in the North. That leads to a pop song that could come off one of the early 70's Beach Boys albums - "Babe I Love You" is straight pop for the summer, including what sounds like a pump organ providing the pedal points and gorgeously played acoustic guitar (by someone, it seems safe to say, other than the Corwood Representative). The lyrics almost seem of a piece with the pop until you listen closer and catch phrases like "Look outside/genitals/baby I love you/’cause I’m fast."

The next three tracks continue this folky aspect, with "Cellar" being another ode to the "Randy" who died in "Alehouse Blues" (some of those lyrics are repeated, and expanded on), while "How Many Places" and "Crack a Smile" threaten to fade away into the overmodulated whispers (just listen, if you wonder what that means) of the microphone.

Then another switch. Gone is the "standard" guitar and in comes the slow pick familiar to listeners of the early acoustic albums. "God Came Between Us," in fact, is the most VIOLENT song Jandek's had in a while, as far as vocal delivery goes. This leads to another despairing, oddly tuned acoustic blues which praises - quite sincerely - Jesus "coming in the morning," before the original first side was out.

The nineteen minutes and thirty nine seconds of "The Electric End" are both an endurance test and a guitarist's dream. The song employs two guitars (both playing fairly standard phrases), some off-rhythm (but INTENSE) drums, an occasional scream (at one point the artist screams "when is this gonna end" like he was about to fly to pieces), what sounds like a maraca and, layers of squealing feedback, the kind you get when you hold a guitar pick-up over a microphone. It blasts along until everybody seems to pass out and the song abruptly ends. Many assumed (again) that this may be the last Jandek album, and in some senses it is. From here the bands would disappear until the first live gig of October of 2004 (released as Glasgow Sunday, while the plethora of releases between this one and the "live era" find Jandek exploring a surprisingly wide amount of styles (and instruments, or lack thereof), but almost entirely going it alone."

- Wikipedia

  1. Green and Yellow – 4:10
  2. Babe I Love You – 4:13
  3. Cellar – 1:48
  4. How Many Places – 3:03
  5. Crack a Smile – 3:09
  6. God Came Between Us – 3:33
  7. I Love You Now it's True – 2:59
  8. The Electric End – 19:39

The Corners - Complete Discography (2005-2006)

So, I used to be in a band called The Corners with Dan Miller, now of Omon Ra. It's lo-fi folky type stuff, somewhat comparable (perhaps far too idealistically) to Little Wings or to a lesser extent The Microphones. Though it's not quite either of those bands really. Sorry. Anyways, some people really seem to like it. So enjoy!

Lionly Coward (2005)

1. Peking Opera Blues
2. Found
3. Cold Hands, Warm Feet
4. Oh, Dear
5. Wool
6. Faces In My Walls
7. Shady Maple
8. 1952
9. Redbird
10. Theatre
11. Shakes
12. Napoleon
13. Smiles
14. Sing Me Home
15. We'll Watch Ourselves Die
16. We'll All Die Young

+ Friends (2006)

1. Other Side
2. Thinks Out Loud
3. 'Cross The River
4. Something About A Place
5. Sleeves
6. Lullabye
7. The Cold Blew In
8. I Don't Have The Might
9. The Town
10. Visions Of A Hotel
11. Silly Love (Daniel Johnston)
12. Day Song
13. Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
14. Compressed Air
15. Pickalilly
16. Other Side Pt. 2

Hallelujah Boom (2006)
1. The Storm
2. Birdy
3. Border Cross Waltz
4. Sunshine & Smiles
5. Please
6. Fire
7. A Man Meets His Doom
8. Afternoon
9. Come My Love
10. Lu Lee Aye O
11. Somwhere
12. Fort William
13. I Don't Have The Might
14. Oh, Gulley
15. Applestone

I've also included three live sets from the same period. One of which featuring Brooke Manning, of Owl Eyes.


DNA - A Taste Of DNA (1980)

Well, as sort of a pairing with the Rosa Yemen EP I was asked to upload some DNA. So here it is. A Taste of DNA is their ten minute debut album, and one of the very few DNA recordings available. Part of the short lived New York No Wave scene, DNA had a few songs released on compilations here and there, but they're extremely limited. I've heard Arto Lindsay being quoted as saying he (and i'm probably paraphrasing) "never wanted to have an actual chord played in any of [his] songs". Instead he seems to simply play rhythmic patterns by slapping, smashing, twisting, and pounding his guitar. Sounds good to me. Though not remotely alike musically, I can't help but draw similarities between the voice of Arto Lindsay and Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo fame), though Arto is definitely more chaotic and fierce. DNA's music sounds like stiff contorted jerks, and wails, spilling out randomly, and with great intensity. Anyways, this album is fantastic, and far too short! so get it and listen to it three times!

A clip of DNA playing "Blonde Red Head" from the film "Downtown 81", with Jean-Michel Basquiat.

1. New Fast
2. 530
3. Blonde Red Head
4. 32123
5. New New
6. Lying On The Sofa Of Life


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wasted Widow - Skeleton Rabies (2008)

I bumped into these guys on myspace last week. There are a series of Montreal based bands who are all related, through Hobo Cult Records, and they're all pretty great. But this album in particular I really enjoyed. Don't know what to compare it to really. It's droney at times, it's noisy at times, it's abstract goodness, lo-fi insanity at it's finest. It's like haunting circus music, a busted radio, and a choir of alien pods, all being orchestrated and played by a possessed heroin junkie in an empty warehouse, deep below the earth surface! Don't you fucking hate bullshit hodgepodge art-fuck descriptions like that?! Me Too! So just get it! cuz it's good! And also, visit their Myspace!

1) Adroxxylon
2) Widow Funk
3) Blizzard Wizard
4) Cobarde
5) Glotd
6) Oobloo
7) Deprodiac
8) Parayso


Thanks to HOBO CULT RECORDS for the link.

Rosa Yemen - Rosa Yemen (EP) (1978)

Released on ZE Records in 1978, this is Lizzy Mercier Descloux's first band. As far as I know this EP is the only Rosa Yemen release, before Descloux moved on to a solo career. This album is fantastic! So energetic and spastic! Comparable somewhat, if only aesthetically, to DNA, or Mars. I like this a lot more then her solo stuff, or what ive heard of it. It's much more aggressive. more info:

"Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a pioneering force in avant-garde rock and in the worldbeat genre, chalking up significant achievements in the latter field well before it existed. Tremendously precocious in an artistic sense, Mercier Descloux dropped out of art studies in order to co-manage a punk boutique and record store in Paris with future ZE Records executive Michel Esteban. In 1975 Mercier Descloux first visited New York City and fell right in with the no wave scene, becoming close friends with Richard Hell and Patti Smith, both of whom contributed material to her first book, Desiderata. Mercier Descloux recorded her first ZE Records release in 1978 as Rosa Yemen, a low-key no wave-styled effort that reflects the influence of the no wave band Mars. Little about Rosa Yemen indicated the genius that would soon carry Mercier Descloux through an unparalleled string of four innovative masterpieces to come."

This is Descloux's solo stuff, NOT Rosa Yemen.


1. Rosa Vertov

2. Decryptated

3. Herpes Simplex

4. Larousse Baron Bic

5. Tso Xin Yu Xin

6. Nina Con un Tercer Ojo


Arthur Russell - World Of Echo (1986)

I just got this the other day and was blown away. I'd never really heard Arthur Russell before but I was sent a link to THIS, a trailer for a documentary on Russell. It looked quite good, and the music sounded great so I started with this, World Of Echo. It's got things in common, vocally, with Dirty Projectors, Karl Blau, and My Morning Jacket, but musically I dont really know what to compare it to. This is NOT one of his dance albums, it's very dreamy and soft. It's just a great record! Here's some more info:

"Charles Arthur Russell Jr. (1952 – 1992) was an American cellist, composer, singer, and disco artist. While he found the most success in dance music, Russell's career bridged New York's downtown, rock, and dance music scenes; his collaborators ranged from Philip Glass to David Byrne to Nicky Siano. Relatively unknown during his lifetime, a series of reissues and compilations have raised his profile in the 2000s." - Wikipedia

Teaser Trailer for "Wild Combination"

Review from Pitchfork:

1. Tone Bone Kone
2. Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let's See
3. Answers Me
4. Being It
5. Place I Know/Kid Like You
6. She's The Star/I Take This Time
7. Tree House
8. See-Through
9. Hiding Your Present From You
10. Wax The Van
11. All-Boy All-Girl
12. Lucky Cloud
13. Tower Of Meaning/Rabbit's Ear/Home Away From Home
14. Let's Go Swimming
15. The Name Of The Next Song (previously unreleased)
16. Happy Ending (previously unreleased)
17. Canvas Home (previously unreleased)
18. Our Last Night Together (previously unreleased)


The Fall - I Am Kurious, Oranj (1988)

Probably my favorite Fall album from what i've heard.

"I Am Kurious, Oranj (the name is written with a comma on the CD and both with and without a comma on different parts of the CD packaging) is a 1988 album by British rock band The Fall. The album was written as the soundtrack for the ballet "I am Curious, Orange", produced by contemporary dance group Michael Clark & Company, and themed loosely around the 300th anniversary of William of Orange's accession to the English throne. The album is also notable for its reworking of William Blake's lyrics for the hymn "Jerusalem" by Fall front man Mark E. Smith. The album's title is derived from Swedish director Vilgot Sj枚man's films I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967) and I Am Curious (Blue) (1968)." - Wikipedia

"Kurious Oranj"

  1. "New Big Prinz" (Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanlon, Steve Hanley, Marcia Schofield) – 3:26
  2. "Overture from I Am Curious, Orange" (Brix Smith) – 2:48
  3. "Dog Is Life" / "Jerusalem" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith/M. E. Smith, William Blake) – 8:54
  4. "Kurious Oranj" (M. E. Smith, Hanley, Simon Wolstencroft) – 6:20
  5. "Wrong Place, Right Time" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith) – 2:52
  6. "Guide Me Soft" (M. E. Smith) – 2:15
  7. "Win Fall CD 2088AD" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith) – 4:41
  8. "Yes O Yes" (alternative version) (M. E. Smith, B. Smith) – 3:25
  9. "Van Plague?" (M. E. Smith, Scanlon) – 4:56
  10. "Bad News Girl" (M. E. Smith, B. Smith) – 5:22
  11. "Cab It Up!" (M. E. Smith) – 4:54
  12. "Last Nacht" (M. E. Smith, Simon Rogers) – 3:56
  13. "Big New Priest" – 3:08


Buffalo Tones in the Catacombs

Welcome to Buffalo Tones. I'll be using this mainly for uploading music that I think everyone should hear, but also for anything I stumble upon that I feel is worthy of your attention.


- DD