Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sonic Youth - 4 Tunna Brix (1990) (EP)

Originally a 1988 Peel Session, this homage to The Fall is a rousing and jovial excursion in rock and roll tomfoolery. I had 4 Tunna Brix playing for the first time in ages on my way to the grocery store the other day and realized I needed to share it. This is fantastic street walking music. Combining the rock frenzy of early Sonic Youth with the more playful canoodling of Ciccone Youth (yes, canoodling), it conveys a genuine love for the original artist and songs while still managing to not take itself too seriously, something the band has always had a knack for. With three original Fall songs (Rowche Rumble/My New House/Pycho Mafia) and one Kinks song (Victoria, which The Fall covered as well) it's a heck of a good time, sure to get you out of your seat. So get on it brothers and sisters!

"I'm talking about love, psycho mafia!"