Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mariah - うたかたの日々 (1983)
うたかたの日々 (1983, Shan-Shan / Better Days)

"I first heard this years ago and, after rediscovering it several months back, have been meaning to share. Alas, here we are. Majestically rhythmic, bouncing percussion combined with various electronics, horns, and soft, measured vocal patterns. An absolute pearl for all you jammers and scammers, so chew it!" - DD

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia (1976)
Mort Garson
Mother Earth's Plantasia (1976, Homewood Records)

"Here's some ooey-gooey synthery from deep down in the dirt for all you green thumbs! Plantasia is like The Neverending Story, but for plants. Highly recommended for chill grooves to nurture your nest and to harness some of that universal oneness. Dig it, foolies!" - DD