Friday, November 25, 2011

Youth Of The Beast - Lantern (2007) (7")

Youth Of The Beast
Lantern (7") (2007, Arbor)

"Serving up a severely skronk-a-delic breed of free improv noise-jazz, Lantern is the first vinyl release from Andy Spore (Raccoo-oo-oon). Trudging tribal percussion, piercing feedback, screeching noise-bleed mixer rape and a spastic saxophone shakedown; total sonic assault! Wail on my friends, and dig these maxed out grooves!" - DD

NON - Sick Tour (1985)

Sick Tour (1985, Staalplaat)

"Some live Boyd Rice for all you ugly, ugly people! Wavering between throbbing pulse and static cacophony; Sick Tour is harsh noise that is both rhythmic and spatial. Very good indeed, as with most NON, so chew it loud my brethren!" - DD

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spine Scavenger - Weighted Ghost (2008) (Cass.)

Spine Scavenger
Weighted Ghost (2008, Hanson Records)

"Spine Scavenger is my favourite Dilloway project, usually very peaceful while still replete with a caustic fuzz. Here, Dilloway plays the protagonist of a distant future, traversing barren terrain in a hovering speed-demon. A-Side sounds like our hero racing through sandstorm with some malnourished populous detector, in search of the Lost City. On B-Side Dilloway finally makes his way out of the dust and hits the pavement in a 16-bit parallel universe. Eventually reaching the City, he finds that everything is dead. We conclude with our hero again reaching into the void, left to wander for eternity. Dig it!" - DD