Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Plastic Cloud - The Plastic Cloud (1968)
The Plastic Cloud
The Plastic Cloud (1968, Allied)

"This little monster right here is quite simply one of the greatest psych records of all time, and Canadian to boot! Massively serene fuzz solos abound, wispy San-Fran vocal melodies, only the fattest, most grooved-out, chuggy bass jams and drum fills out the wazoo; truly a gem of the era. Dig deep into these marmalade skies sweet sweeties!" - DD

"And what would your father say to you... if he knew that you were sniffing glue?!"

Monday, July 16, 2018

Carl Stone - Al-Noor (2007)
Carl Stone
Al-Noor (2007, In Tone Music)

"Fractured cutups, droning skips and glitchy, uncomfortably digital processing of various musical audio sources percolate in this bizarre but generally non-threatening wave of comfortable awe. It's unique that way in terms of listenability, jarring at best some days. However, when it's sweet it's refreshing and biting and everything good, as I find with most of Stone's work. He's maximum fun if you want and I highly recommend at least trying it. Front to back. I double dog dare you." - DD

Friday, July 13, 2018

Edgar Froese - Guitar Works (1-6) (2003)
Edgar Froese
Guitar Works (1-6) (2003, Bootleg Release)

"This is a six-album bootleg collection of what seem to be entirely live (and very muffled) recordings from Froese's career, spanning '75-'81. Because of the terrible (but very enjoyable) quality it all becomes super trancey and droned out so get ready for some deep space introspection, especially if you intend on listening to all six hours and forty-four minutes in one sitting! Maximum chug, fuglies! xoxo" - DD

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Anna Sj盲lv Tredje ‎- Tussilago Fanfara (1977)
Anna Sj盲lv Tredje
Tussilago Fanfara (1977, Silence)

"Severely trance-inducing synthery of the finest reserve, plus a spot of dreamy, fuzzed-out guitar to boot. Get groovy and crank this loud for maximum drippage 'n slippage folks! Embrace the space!" - DD

Rupa - Disco Jazz (1982)
Disco Jazz (1982, The Megaphone Company)

"For some reason writing any kind of meaningful review or description for this has been so daunting and just hanging over me for the past couple weeks, so rather than delay any longer I'm just going to post it so you can enjoy and we can move on. Terrific snazz-jams to kill any summer bummer, crammed with redonka-guitar lickery and loads of dope grooves. Dig in and chew the fat you funky 'lil fuddies!" - DD