Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Erkki Kurenniemi ‎– Äänityksiä / Recordings 1963-1973 (2002)

Erkki Kurenniemi
Äänityksiä / Recordings 1963-1973 (2002, Love Records)

"Known to the world as many things, perhaps most importantly Erkki Kurenniemi was an electronic music pioneer and designer. Not only did he create his own truly engaging electroacoustic compositions, he also designed and built many instruments and applications, assisting greatly in the development of the medium. This masterpiece is a collection of some of his earliest and most important pieces, so please enjoy!" - DD

Legion - Tunnelvision (1994) (7")

Tunnelvision (7") (1994, Syntactic)

"Andrew Lagowski's Legion brings us a rather tranquil and holy affair with this single-sided 7" of harmonic industrial fuzz. Ambient crackle resonates atop a haunting choral melody, which flutters in and out along with distant buzz drones creating a breezy clutter. This is a very nice, so dig in!" - DD