Friday, October 29, 2010

The Blue Humans - Clear To Higher Time (1992)

The Blue Humans
Clear To Higher Time (1992, New Alliance Records)

"Rudolph Grey (MARS/Red Transistor) brings us some enticing improvisational noise rock with the help of a few incredibly fine musicians, not to mention engineered by Jim Waters and produced by NY no wave heart throb Thurston Moore. Dig this before it digs you!" - DD

Charles Manson - All The Way Alive (2003)

Charles Manson
All The Way Alive (2003, People's Temple Records)

"Aside from The Son Of Man, this would be my favourite Manson album. All The Way Alive features songs from his demo recording session on September 11, 1967. Some of these have been on other releases, but this is everything in one package including some very beautiful folk stuff, some absurdist-utopian free-form rants, and my personal favourite Bet You Think I Care. Dig it freewheelers and demons!" - DD

Vincent Gallo - Recordings Of Music For Film (2002)

Vincent Gallo
Recordings Of Music For Film (2002, Warp Records)

"Love him or hate him, Vincent Gallo writes beautiful, seductive music which lulls the entire body. This collection covers all of his scored material from The Way It Is and Buffalo '66, as well as several songs he did for Downtown '81 and his short film If You Feel Froggy, Jump. Very much recommended for all yearning desire and personal reflection, as filmed by John Cassavetes." - DD

Thursday, October 28, 2010

tRANSELEMENt - Ouaqui Paetes (2001)

Ouaqui Paetes (2001, Self Released)

"In late 2001 I stumbled upon a tiny band in the UK making music unlike any I'd heard before. I found them on the now defunct, at the time one of the few places to share music online. I managed to get some CDs in the mail along with a letter and was absolutely taken by their eclectic sound. Initially, I had planned on sharing their 8 Songs About Travel when I saw this. Ouaqui Paetes was my favourite of theirs & until now I hadn't a copy of my own. I haven't heard some of these songs in years and while listening today it brought the warmest smile to my face. I can only hope some of you enjoy this as much as I do. Truly one of the great lost gems of the decade!" - DD

Y. Bhekhirst - Hot In The Airport (1986)

Y. Bhekhirst

Hot In The Airport (1986, HDG Records)

"Very much in a world of its own but loosely reminiscent of Mayo Thompson and Captain Beefheart. Jagged, unorthodox songwriting brilliance that I personally find hypnotizing. If you are anything like me you will strangely be pulled back to this album over and over again. There is something so unique about it that makes my panties wet. My pussy cries." - Modo

Lewis - L'Amour (1983) (LP)


L'Amour (LP) (1983, Private Press)

"Similar in mood to Arthur Russell and Nick Drake. Truthfully, I don't even want to talk about this album I just want to fade away in its world of sincerity. Like a glass of whiskey all by your lonesome. I'll meet you in the winter when the flakes are bigger than eyeballs and your footprints are reminders of your aimless drifting." - Modo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nocturnal Emissions - Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss (1992)

Nocturnal Emissions
Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss (1992, Touch) (Originally released on LP by Sterile Records, 1983)

"A killer collage of sound from the unparalleled and always inventive Nocturnal Emissions. Blistering drones created with found sound, distorted audio loops and a swirling blanket of fuzz make this a truly unique experience, even for NE. Chew it with vigor ya bloody fools!" - DD

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

J.D. Emmanuel - Rain Forest Music (1981)

J.D. Emmanuel
Rain Forest Music (1981, North Star Productions)

"This is another of J.D. Emmanuel's releases that hasn't spread too far on the internet. Despite maintaining it's hypnotic power and mystic rhythm, the sounds on Rain Forest Music feel quite a bit more jovial in their display. Dig it sweetly little angels!" - DD

J.D. Emmanuel - Trance-Formations I: Ancient Minimal Meditations (1986) (Cass.)

J.D. Emmanuel
Trance-Formations I: Ancient Minimal Meditations (Cass.) (1986, North Star Productions)

"Some inimitably transcendent minimalism from the always alluring J.D. Emmanuel. One of the the master's lesser known albums, I was surprised to learn this euphoric beast wasn't all over the internet. Dig it smooth and supple kind beings of the ethereal realms!" - DD

Circle X - Untitled (1979) (EP)

Circle X
Untitled (EP) (1979, Self Released)

"Aggressive, snotty and totally discordant, Circle X's debut EP is a brutal excretion of penetrating punk rock beauty. Guitars screeching, vocals grinding; it's loud and obnoxious in all the right ways. Chew on it my beloved twats!" - DD

RE-POST: Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited (1989)

Simply Saucer
Cyborgs Revisited (1989, Fist Puppet)

"Simply put, this is fucking super rad! It's garage-rock-psychedelic-Floydian-Velvets with a twist of Modern Lovers. The song Bullet Proof Nothing will make you wish you were this fucking cool! Get it, love it, obsess over it. Probably one of the best Canadian bands ever, definitely one of the best Canadian albums!" - DD

Rip Rig + Panic - God (1981) (LP)

Rip Rig + Panic
God (LP) (1981, Virgin)

"Featuring members of The Pop Group, Rip Rig + Panic were an original breed mixing elements of dub and avande-garde jazz with a post-punk exuberance. At times dashing and raucous, at times infectiously groovy, at times even elegant, think Penguin Cafe Orchestra (Change Your Life), they always remained exciting and fresh. Chew on it fat mommas!" - DD

Monday, October 25, 2010

INU - Meshi Kuuna! (1981)

Meshi Kuuna! (1981, Tokuma Japan Communications)

"Drawing heavy influence from British pop-punk and post-punk, as well as New York no wave (including elements of The Sex Pistols, The Outcasts, Siouxsie & The Banshees, DNA and many more), Machida Machizō's INU are anthemic, incredibly potent and fun to listen to (not to mention the rad ass cover art). If you're a fan of punk then you'll love this record! Dig it in leather and dance sweet babies!" - DD

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Ether - Feel Groovy (2010)

The Ether
Feel Groovy (2010, Self Released)

"This may seem self indulgent as I'm currently the drummer for The Ether, however, at the time of these recordings I wasn't. Feel Groovy is a compilation of two previous releases; Paint The Walls In Blood (2009, Snapped In Half) & No Fun Sexy (2009, Self Released), plus two bonus tracks (a remix and a 24-minute live set). It was put together as an OBEY IV collectible, of sorts, and is chock full of aggressive noisy psych punk. Dig it fresh & free mutha fuckus!" - DD

PIG - Elbow Witch (2009) (Cass.)

Elbow Witch (Cass.) (2009, Radiator Collective)

"Elbow Witch is a rapid-fire juggernaut of precariously noisy, wall-of-sound, grunge infused punk rock à la Sonic Youth/Eric's Trip that still manages to come out on top as its own entity. You didn't even think about doing shit this cool when you were seventeen! PIG are one of the best bands to come out of Halifax (Truro) in a long time (with one of best drummers too!) and it's a shame they're calling it quits. I'll be waiting ardently for all future projects (see Shinobi), meanwhile, dig this fucking long and fucking hard brothers & sisters!" - DD

Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks (1978)

Sun Ra
The Antique Blacks (1978, SteepleChase Records) (Re-released on Kindred Spirits, 2010)

"A superbly psychedelic space freak-out of jazz euphoria, The Antique Blacks is thoroughly recommended goodness for weirdos and mavericks! Dig in and swoon out sweet love birds!" - DD

Note: The album says 1974, but it was actually released in 1978. Sorry.

Talking Heads - CBS Demos (1975)

Talking Heads
CBS Demos (1975, Unreleased)

"Well here you have it. Though some of their more choice songs (I'm Not In Love, Thank You For Sending Me An Angel) don't necessarily hit as hard here, overall these are some of my favourite Heads recordings out there! Very much recommended!" - DD

Brian Glaze & The Night Shift - Green Living (2009)

Brian Glaze & The Night Shift
Green Living (2009, World Famous In San Francisco)

"Brian (Jonestown Massacre/Gris Gris) Glaze brings us an eclectic barrage of beautiful and haunting songs. Sometimes fun, sometimes dire and sometimes even prophetic (Bad News), these songs transcend the current bloom of bedroom recording artists and reminisce of a time more complex, with glam gods and rock 'n roll superstars! Highly recommended for those in need of a good shakedown." - DD

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catbag - Creamweaving (2010) (Cass.)

Creamweaving (Cass.) (2010, Claire Dragon Records)

"Sounding like Fred Schneider fronting a reckless and brooding post-punk street fight, infused with some of the dirtiest, meanest sax you've ever heard (thank you Dave Ewenson), Catbag are at the pinnacle of the Halifax music scene. Dig this and fester you ugly mutts!" - DD

Dirty Beaches - Dirty Beaches (2009) (C22) + True Blue (2010) (7")

Dirty Beaches
Dirty Beaches (C22) (2009, Night People) + True Blue (7") (2010, Zoo Music)

"I'll be the first to admit the similarities between the current Dirty Beaches sound and Suicide are slightly glaring. However, when you pull it off this well, not to mention the early rockabilly undertones shining just as brightly, it becomes totally null and void. These are brilliant songs and Alex Zhang Hungtai is a brilliant performer! I caught him at OBEY this year and it was totally captivating for everyone in the room! Get these now, then go buy any of his releases as soon as you can! I hereby declare True Blue is the best 7" of the year!" - DD

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jorge Ben - A Tabua de Esmeralda (1974) (LP)

Jorge Ben
A Tabua de Esmeralda (LP) (1974, Philips)

"Jorge Ben is a legendary Brazilian musician who started his long career back in the early sixties. He fuses samba and rock with latin jazz creating a totally blissful style all his own. This is my favourite of his albums, and upon further research it seems I'm not the only one who thinks it. A Tabua de Esmeralda ranks #6 on Rolling Stones' top 100 Brazilian albums of all time." - DD

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Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World (1960)

Joe Meek & The Blue Men
I Hear A New World (1960, Triumph Records)

"It is totally ineffable how far ahead of his time Joe Meek was as a producer. I Hear A New World showcases this fact in all its splendor. Alternating between serene beauty, melancholic space romps and wild eccentric freak outs, these songs are totally electrifying, strange and surreal. It is Meek orchestrating his magnum opus, so dig it fine and fancy free little kittens!" - DD

Amanaz - Africa (1975)

Africa (1975, Shadoks Music)

"This is simply a gorgeous album. Combining elements of psych-rock with afrobeat percussion drones, bluesy, soulful vocals and traditional Zambian vocal chants, Amanaz come out sounding like no one else. It's a very earnest listen, despite its ability to flat out rip'n'wail on fuzzed out guitar licks. Dig it large!" - DD

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Various Artists - Perspectives and Distortion (1981) (LP)

Various Artists
Perspectives and Distortion (LP) (1981, Cherry Red)

"A fabulous collection of Experimental music from '79-'81. Features Lemon Kittens, Lol Coxhill, David Jackman, Matt Johnson and a waka jawaka more. I highly recommend this, it is really good." - Modo

Lol Coxhill & Fred Frith - French Gigs (1983) (LP)

Lol Coxhill & Fred Frith

French Gigs (LP) (1983, AAA)

"It never ceases to amaze me what great improvisers are capable of creating. Here are two, Frith on guitars and Coxhill on Soprano Sax. You will be highly rewarded if you can really pay attention to detail. From warm Ambient to sultry Jazz to maniacs on moons warning craters of an elite pack of Granular A heading to fill them up. This would frighten them, see, because they are craters and their entire purpose is to be a hole. There is also plenty of noisy cat kicking. Fill up." - Modo

Max Roach with The J.C. White Singers - Lift Every Voice and Sing (1971) (LP)

Max Roach with The J.C. White Singers
Lift Every Voice and Sing (LP) (1971, Atlantic)

"Very human and soulful, loose and free. Each track is a dedication and in hearing the music you sense a great deal of sincerity. A touch of Gospel, Soul, Blues and, of course, Jazz. From the bottom of my heart, enjoy!" - Modo

The Devil's Anvil - Hard Rock From The Middle East (1967)

The Devil's Anvil

Hard Rock From The Middle East (1967, Columbia)

"This psychedelic gem of Turkish/Arab influenced acid rock will absolutely blow your mind! Combinging fuzzed out guitars with traditional instruments The Devil's Anvil, based out of New York, have a sound all their own. It's a shame there aren't more recordings of these innovative rockers!" - DD

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dvnaèbkre - Zuèrkl Mogovtre (1995) (Cass.)

Zuèrkl Mogovtre (Cass.) (1995, Self Released)

"A very quiet and meager cassette, though I don't mean that to sound unimpressed. Part of Les Légions Noires, this stands out as fairly different from the rest. First side is what it might sound like to wander around an uncharted planet only to find tiny furry aliens snuggling in their cave, eager for mothers milk. The second side is the alien army arriving to remove you." - DD

Friday, October 15, 2010

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat an' Blood (1978)

Linton Kwesi Johnson
Dread Beat an' Blood (1978, Front Line)

"Another record involving Dennis Bovell. This time as mixer and Guitarist. The music is outstanding. The lyrical content is rich in anger and sung-spoken with great conviction. Please do listen. One of my favourite Reggae/Dub records." - Modo

Blackbeard (Dennis Bovell) - I Wah Dub (1980)

Blackbeard (Dennis Bovell)
I Wah Dub (1980, More Cut Records)

"To follow up on the post below this is Dennis Bovell, the producer of The Pop Group's album Y. Fantastic Dub. Understated. " - Modo

The Pop Group - Y (1979)

The Pop Group

Y (1979, Radar Records)

"Bursting with spastic, dub influenced, experimental punk, this has long been a favourite of mine! Despite sharing similarities with James Chance, Blurt or The Birthday Party, Pop Group maintain an immense originality unlike anything I've heard. Dig it hard scum fuckers!" - DD

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pierre Bastien - Eggs Air Sister Steel (1996)

Pierre Bastien
Eggs Air Sister Steel (1996, In-Poly-Sons)

"I can't express how totally elegant and tasteful this record is. Seemingly so care free while in the same breath overtly stylized and meticulous. If you only ever get ten things from Buffalo Tones, this had better be one of them!" - DD

Nu Creative Methods - Superstitions (1984) (Cass.)

Nu Creative Methods
Superstitions (Cass.) (1984, ADN)

"More exceptional clang 'n bang from these inspired noisemakers. This has a rather novel and unifying "rubber band" sound going throughout that I found quite enjoyable. Overall, I prefer this to their other material, but it's all fairly engaging. Enjoy it ya jolly loggers!" - DD

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nu Creative Methods - Le Marchand De Calicot (1981) (LP)

Nu Creative Methods
Le Marchand De Calicot (LP) (1981, d'Avantage)

"I saw Pierre Bastien perform at this years OBEY Festival, in Halifax, and it was one of the most musing and calculated artistic expressions I have ever experienced. Nu Creative Methods is a project he was involved with in the 80's, along side Bernard Pruvost. Very discombobulated and fantastic left field jazz type stuff!" - DD

Eddie Cochran - C'Mon Everybody (1961) (EP)

Eddie Cochran
C'Mon Everybody (EP) (1961, EMI)

"I was listening to C'mon Everybody and was reminded of my love for Suzy Is A Headbanger (hence the previous post) so I figured I'd share this as well, a fantastic '45 from one of the masters of Rock 'n Roll. Dig it raw sweet babies!" - DD

The Ramones - Leave Home (1977)

The Ramones
Leave Home (1977, Sire)

"The Ramones are one of many bands plagued by a disease I call Beatlemania, wherein a band establishes mainstream success and are then frequently "liked" for the wrong reasons, their celebrity, as well as "disliked" for the wrong reasons, their commercial status, by different groups of people. It's quite sad considering The Ramones write flawless songs you can't help but enjoy unless you're a fucking retard." - DD

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ed Askew - Ask The Unicorn (1968) (LP)

Ed Askew
Ask The Unicorn (LP) (1968, ESP Disk)

"Sounding like Simon Finn and Bob Dylan mashed together in some mad scientists folk experiment, Ask The Unicorn pulls on the heart strings while displaying a strange creativity. Askew comes off as an elusive and broken man, as beautiful as he is scary." - DD

Robedoor - Ritual Heirs (2007)

Ritual Heirs (2007, Not Not Fun Records)

"Ritual Heirs is three tracks and thirty-six minutes of pure blistering noise swells, at times feeling like you're ripping through the atmosphere at 10,000 miles an hour. I've never felt one way or the other with Robedoor, but this is total cacophonous glory! Gorgeous!" - DD

Otesanek - Untitled (2002) (Cass.)

Untitled (Cass.) (2002, Self Released)

"Rawwwwwr. This is some sludgy, brutal doom for all the rancorous scum out there. Dig it slow and steady fuck-tards, as it gradually devours your babies, only to regurgitate their viscous remains into a dark pit, where it will return to feed again." - DD

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Solid Space - Space Museum (1982) (Cass.)

Solid Space
Space Museum (Cass.) (1982, In Phaze Records)

"Brilliant minimal synth pop with a dreamy goth tinge, this is some extraordinary stuff! I have to thank Matt Samways for the suggestion and recommend that everyone dig this now!" - DD

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Stellar Om Source - Ocean Woman (2009)

Stellar Om Source
Ocean Woman (2009, Self Released)

"Impeccable, subterranean, post-apocalyptic synth drone from composer/artist Christelle Gualdi. Highly recommended for anyone interested in J.D. Emmanuel, Emeralds, Terry Riley, etc. This is wholly awe inspiring!" - DD

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sightings - City Of Straw (2010)

City Of Straw (2010, Jagjaguwar)

"With their seventh record, Sightings manage to continue pounding out the rockiest industrial sludge you're bound to hear. It's so fucking caustic and brutal, and fucking delicious! Dig on it rough and gruff billy goats, this will eat your babies!" - DD

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Eric Copeland - Doo Doo Run (7") (2010)

Eric Copeland

Doo Doo Run (7") (2010, Post Present Medium)

"A fantastic little 7" showcasing a rather diverse world of sound . The first track, Doo Doo Run, is a classic-Copeland romp through fuzzy radio collage, while Fun Dink Death ventures into strait up dance music. Dig it babies!" - DD

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Julie Tippetts - Sunset Glow (1975)

Julie Tippetts
Sunset Glow (1975, Voiceprint)

"Creep Scanner mentions that this may be a sort of companion piece to Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom, and I think that's as apt a comparison as any I'd come up with. Tippetts is totally thoughtful and alluring." - DD

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Nocturnal Emissions - Utrecht 1991 (1991) (Cass.)

Nocturnal Emissions
Utrecht 1991 (1991, Earthly Delights)

"Released in a vinyl tape box (you can always rely on Nocturnal Emissions for fantastic artwork), this is probably my favourite of the releases I've heard thus far from these eclectic noisemakers. Very transcendent and warm." - DD

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Sound Ceremony - Sound Ceremony (1979) (LP)

Sound Ceremony
Sound Ceremony (LP) (1979, Self Released)

"Dead Dog once reviewed Mainliner as "Mainliner good. Led Zeppelin bad." In keeping with the spirit of that post I say to you: Sound Ceremony good. Richard Hell bad." - Modo

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Note: Would love to hear his 1973 debut Guitar Star. If you have it can you please allow me to hear it.