Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dvnaèbkre - Zuèrkl Mogovtre (1995) (Cass.)

Zuèrkl Mogovtre (Cass.) (1995, Self Released)

"A very quiet and meager cassette, though I don't mean that to sound unimpressed. Part of Les Légions Noires, this stands out as fairly different from the rest. First side is what it might sound like to wander around an uncharted planet only to find tiny furry aliens snuggling in their cave, eager for mothers milk. The second side is the alien army arriving to remove you." - DD


Anonymous said...

got in the car, turned on the radio..some college radio station is playing some amateur plunking sounds by some lame frumpy white chicks (Pocahunted) pretending to be the Slits. My mind almost goes bonkers from the 2 minute exposure to these lame plunking sounds of these "typical girls". I then quickly throw on a CD of sounds that I got from Buffalo's side two of the Dvaebkre mind then goes back to normal and I feel better. Thanks for keeping me sane Buffalo Tones.

Dead Dog said...

hahaha, well... I'm always happy to help! A message like that totally makes my day, so thank you!!!