Friday, November 25, 2011

Youth Of The Beast - Lantern (2007) (7")

Youth Of The Beast
Lantern (7") (2007, Arbor)

"Serving up a severely skronk-a-delic breed of free improv noise-jazz, Lantern is the first vinyl release from Andy Spore (Raccoo-oo-oon). Trudging tribal percussion, piercing feedback, screeching noise-bleed mixer rape and a spastic saxophone shakedown; total sonic assault! Wail on my friends, and dig these maxed out grooves!" - DD

NON - Sick Tour (1985)

Sick Tour (1985, Staalplaat)

"Some live Boyd Rice for all you ugly, ugly people! Wavering between throbbing pulse and static cacophony; Sick Tour is harsh noise that is both rhythmic and spatial. Very good indeed, as with most NON, so chew it loud my brethren!" - DD

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spine Scavenger - Weighted Ghost (2008) (Cass.)

Spine Scavenger
Weighted Ghost (2008, Hanson Records)

"Spine Scavenger is my favourite Dilloway project, usually very peaceful while still replete with a caustic fuzz. Here, Dilloway plays the protagonist of a distant future, traversing barren terrain in a hovering speed-demon. A-Side sounds like our hero racing through sandstorm with some malnourished populous detector, in search of the Lost City. On B-Side Dilloway finally makes his way out of the dust and hits the pavement in a 16-bit parallel universe. Eventually reaching the City, he finds that everything is dead. We conclude with our hero again reaching into the void, left to wander for eternity. Dig it!" - DD

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Keggs - To Find Out (1967) (7")

The Keggs
To Find Out (7") (1967, Unknown) (Re-issued by Orbit)

"This is literally one of the greatest garage 45's of all-time. Seriously raucous and fuzzed out genius! As soon as the opening vocal howl rips through your speakers, and the drums start to thud and pounce, and the guitar forces your body to contort into primitive patterns of rapture, you'll wish you could time-warp back to the basement/garage/living room that these dudes were jamming in and convince them to put out 15 full length LP's. If you haven't dug it, dig it NOW." - DD